Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be a leader in Court Excellence, delivering the highest standard of justice to the community we serve and inspiring public confidence in the rule of law.

Our Values


  • Work cooperatively as a Whole of Court
  • Treat People Well


  • Honest, ethical and reasonable behaviour


  • Treat people equally and impartially


  • Open and reasoned decision making
  • Clear, understandable processes


  • Responsive and focussed on delivering quality services


  • Competent, capable and proficient
  • Continuous review and improvement

Our Objectives

Objective 1:

Court leadership and management

Provide strong leadership that promotes a proactive and professional management culture, pursues innovation and is accountable and open.

Objective 2:

Court planning and policies

Develop, implement and review policies and plans that focus on realising the vision and objectives of the Court and improving Court performance and quality.

Objective 3:

Court processes and proceedings

Ensure the Court's proceedings and dispute resolution services are fair, effective and efficient.

Objective 4:

Public trust and confidence

Maintain and reinforce public trust and confidence in the Court and the administration of justice.

Objective 5:

User satisfaction

Understand and take into account the needs and perceptions of its users relating to the Court's vision and objectives.

Objective 6:

Court resources

Manage the Court's human, material and financial resources effectively and proactively.

Objective 7:

Affordable and accessible court services

Provide practical and affordable access to information, court processes and services.