A Guide for Self-Represented Litigants

- in the Civil Jurisdiction of the County Court
Date of Publication: 
Thursday 9th August at 8:30am

The County Court is committed to providing high quality services to all court users. Located in the Are You Representing Yourself? section of the website, the Guide for Self-Represented Litigants has been produced by the Court to help you represent yourself in civil proceedings.

The guide has been developed to assist you in understanding how the court works. It provides a general introduction to the Court Registry along with useful information about our processes and procedures, as well as resources which may assist you. While the guide is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive and it should not be taken as legal advice. You are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice prior to engaging in Court proceedings.

More information about practice and procedure is available on the Court’s website, which can also be accessed from computers available for public use in the Court’s Registry.

The Court can be a difficult place to navigate without knowing where to go or who to ask for information or assistance.

I hope that this guide can help you find your way through.

Michael Rozenes
Chief Judge