New Create Writ Functionality

February 14, 2018

On 21 March 2018 the County Court in association with its eFiling service provider CITEC – Confirm is releasing a new eFiling functionality.

Practitioners needing to file a writ in the Court will be able to do so by using an automated systems generated writ document that is properly formatted and compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules.

To generate the Writ the user simply enters the details of the claim, the parties and the particulars of the claim.

The functionality has been designed to incorporate all civil procedure rules relating to a Writ including the following scenarios:

  •         Claiming Debt only
  •         Acting as an Agent for another firm or solicitor
  •         Parties with differing representative capacities and other descriptors (former name, alias etc)
  •         Australian and international addresses
  •         Plaintiffs with litigation guardians
  •         Defendants outside Australia (Service Out)
  •         The inclusion of party schedules
  •         Supply of a Form 1 for interstate defendants

The user will no longer be required to use precedents to generate a writ in PDF format; nor will users need to use precedents to create Form 1 or a Schedule of parties.

The new functionality will be available from 21 March 2018. The existing writ upload facility will be available until 30 April 2018. After this date practitioners will no longer be able to upload their writ in a PDF format but will instead be required to generate it using the CITEC-Confirm Create Writ system.  

The Court and CITEC will provide training sessions and more information will be available about this soon. If you have any questions please call Premila or Justin on 8636 6508 or email