Reforms to sexual offence victim identification

17 September 2020

The Judicial Proceedings Reports Act 1958 was amended in February, giving victim-survivors of sexual or family violence the opportunity to have information in their matter made public.

Under Victorian law, there are restrictions on publishing information that could identify a victim of a sexual offence. These provisions are found in the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act 1958 which was amended in February 2020.

Applications to publish restricted information can be made using the form Application for permission to publish details otherwise prohibited by the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act 1958 or made verbally during court proceedings.

To assist you in making an application, the Supreme Court, County Court and Magistrates’ Court have developed the Guide to applying for permission to publish information about victims of sexual offences. There is no fee for making this application.

For enquiries and assistance with making an application, contact the Court Registry by:

The Court’s Victims and witnesses of crime webpage provides further information and resources for victims at court.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2021