Building Cases List practice note has now been updated

12 September 2019

Changes have been made to the operation and management of the Building Cases List in the republished practice note (effective 16 September 2019).

The Building Cases List practice note has been updated to:

  • introduce His Honour Judge Woodward as Judge-in-Charge of the Building Cases List
  • introduce weekly Directions Hearings for proceedings in the Building Cases List at 9.30am on Fridays
  • set out the process and procedure for special applications, such as applications for security of payment under the Building and Construction (Security of Payment) Act 2002
  • encourage the use of the full range of Appropriate Dispute Resolution options, including the introduction of Early Neutral Evaluation conducted by the Judge-in-Charge
  • include standard orders for timetable to trial; appropriate dispute resolution; single joint experts; expert conferences; joint reports and concurrent evidence; as well as witness statements and outlines.

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