Subpoena calculator to boost efficiency and cut workloads

28 November 2018

Filing subpoenas will be easier and more efficient with this new online tool.

Filing a subpoena will now be easier for Court users with the launch of a new Subpoena Calculator.

The online tool, developed by the Registry team, quickly calculates important service and production dates for all civil subpoenas, helping users avoid missing crucial deadlines as well as reducing the rate of documents rejected by the Court.

Court users simply input the relevant information such as subpoena type, location and date information.

The calculator then presents an easy-to-understand summary of relevant dates. This will reduce the rate of errors, which will in turn reduce the workload for both practitioners and Court staff. This calculator will take public holidays and non sitting periods into consideration, eliminating the complex process of manually calculating dates over the Christmas and Easter breaks The calculator applies to all civil subpoenas where addressees live in either Victoria or interstate.

The new tool represents further progress in the Court’s work to provide efficient and timely service to users.

The Subpoena Calculator can be found on the site here.

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