The County Court is proud to welcome five new judicial appointments to the bench

16 September 2018

The County Court welcomes the judicial appointments of Magistrate Philip Ginnane, Ms Sarah Dawes, Dr Martine Marich, Mr Scott Johns QC and Mr David Sexton.

Mr Ginnane was appointed to the Magistrates’ Court in 2011, and since 2016 has been the Supervising Magistrate for the Court’s Civil Division.

Sarah Dawes has been a magistrate since 2006, frequently hearing cases relating to serious criminal offending, including sexual offences and bail applications. She has also been a member of the criminal law and sexual offences committees of the Magistrates’ Court.

Dr Marich has a Doctorate of Juridical Science, a Master of Laws, a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science.

Scott Johns QC has been a barrister for 15 years, specialising in criminal law. Prior to becoming a barrister, he was a Senior Public Defender in the Criminal Law Division of Victoria Legal Aid.

David Sexton has been a barrister since 2004, practising throughout Australia. He specialises in defence in prosecutions for sexual offences and appears regularly for the Secretary of the Department of Justice and Regulation in relation to post-sentence applications for serious sexual offenders.

One of the appointees replaces Judge James Montgomery, who retired in May after almost a decade of service. Mr Ginnane replaces Judge Graeme Hicks, who retired in August after almost 17 years’ service at the County Court. 

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