One of the platforms of the County Court's Civil Initiative (Order 34A) is that each case is subject to a directions hearing held subsequent to the filing of an appearance of the defendant. Mediation is encouraged in the great majority of cases, on occasions ordered without the consent of the parties, at the first directions hearings.

The standard short form mediation order is to understood as generally encompassing the Standard Mediation Procedures.

Finding An Accredited Mediator

Victorian Bar
The listed barristers have fulfilled the necessary requirements to be approved as mediators by the Victorian Bar.

Law Institute of Victoria ADR Mediation Service
All mediators listed have fulfilled the necessary criteria to be approved as mediators by the Law Institute of Victoria. The list can be searched according to location and area of practice.

The Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia
The Institute of Arbitrators Australia has a panel of skilled and experienced mediators covering many commercial areas and professional disciplines. The specialist areas include construction and engineering, law, finance, accounting, information technology, health services, technology and local government and many others. Parties are able to select their mediator from the Institute's panel of accredited mediators, or the Institute will nominate a suitable person on request.

LEADR is an Australasian, non-profit membership organisation formed in 1989 to serve the community by promoting and facilitating the use of consensual dispute resolution processes generally known as alternative dispute resolution or ADR. LEADR’s services include access to panels of independent mediators and facilitation of mediations and conciliations.


Mediation facilities at the County Court

Courtrooms may be booked for private mediation sessions.
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