DPP v Cernagoj [2017] VCC TAS

Offences: traffick in a drug of dependence and Import a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug.

Mr Cernagoj ordered drugs through a website on the dark web and had them posted to two addresses in Geelong.

Australian Customs intercepted several packages containing drugs which led the Australian Federal Police to conduct an investigation.

The AFP executed search warrants on the homes of Mr Cernagoj and a co-offender. The AFP seized a number of items from Mr Cernagoj’s home that were used in the offending. The co-offender implicated Mr Cernagoj in the offending.

Mr Cernagoj pleaded guilty to one charge of trafficking in a drug of dependence contrary to section 71AC of the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Vic). He also pleaded guilty to two charges of importing a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug contrary to section 307.2(1) of the Criminal Code 1981 (Cth).

Mr Cernagoj relied on the impact of the delay by the prosecution in bringing charges and family hardship as warranting a reduced sentence. Her Honour Judge Hampel considered those matters as well as Mr Cernagoj’s role as principal in the offending.

Her Honour sentenced Mr Cernagoj to three years and three months' imprisonment with a non-parole period of one year and six months.

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Page last updated: 16 September 2018