Video transcript – Criminal case scenario introduction

Screen title: Chief Judge Peter Kidd

His Honour Chief Judge Kidd: Well, welcome everyone. My name's Peter Kidd. I'm the Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria. And I'm standing in one of our courtrooms which has a jury box where 12 men and women selected from the community will sit and try cases. In particular, criminal trials. We are about to have in this courtroom a trial involving a charge of dangerous driving causing death. So let's meet some of the people involved.

Prosecution barrister: Hi, we're the prosecution team. We've been appointed by the Director of Public Prosecutions to present the case against the accused in court.

Defence barrister: Hi, we're the defence team. I'm the barrister and this is my solicitor. My solicitor briefed me to present the defence and it's my job to argue it.

Judge's Associate: I'm the Judge's Associate. I'm a lawyer who helps the judge organise the trial. I locate relevant points of law in the documents, assist with research and general paperwork. I also liaise with the parties in the public on the judge’s behalf and assist in panelling the jury.

Tipstaff: I'm the Tipstaff. I assist the jury with practical matters, announce when the judge enters the court, take the oaths of the witnesses and help to facilitate the display of court documents in the room.

Judge: I'm the judge. I guide the jury about their role in this trial. About points of law. And answer any questions they may have about how the law works. I ensure that the case is being prosecuted and defended fairly by the parties and if necessary, impose the sentence.

Juror: We are the jury. In a criminal case, there are 12 of us and we decide who’s guilty or not guilty.

His Honour Chief Judge Kidd: What's really important for you to know and I'm certainly want to emphasise is that most of these criminal trials are conducted in public. Which means that you, as members of the community can enter the courtrooms, find a seat and watch what's happening. So can I encourage you to do this so that you can learn directly about the way criminal trials are conducted in this state.

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