Information for the Media

The County Court  Guidelines for the Media are intended to assist journalists and media outlets and organisations to:

  • promote transparency of proceedings and the principle of open justice;
  • facilitate fair and accurate reporting of matters before the Court; and
  • communicate with the public and develop community understanding of the work of the Court.

As the Guidelines make clear, the interests of justice may require that particular information and/or documentation not be published or be prohibited from disclosure. The operation of the Guidelines is subject to the exercise of judicial discretion in a given case. The Judge has the power to regulate the proceedings of his or her court.

Restrictions on Reporting

Reporters should make themselves familiar with the more common and important pieces of legislation and seek legal interpretation on the restrictions related to reporting cases in the County Court. 

Legislation is often reviewed and amended by Parliament and reporters need to keep abreast of any amendments. In particular, reporters should familiarise themselves with the following: Section 4 of the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act 1958 prohibits the direct or indirect identification of people who are the victims of sexual assault. For example, where the victim is related to the offender, the offender cannot be named, because to do so would identify the victim. 

There are also restrictions on what may be reported at committal hearings of sex offence cases.

Civil file Search requests

No search fee is payable to search a civil file. However, journalists must provide their media identification on request to staff at the Registry counter.


Photocopying charge is 60 cents per page.

Judges of the County Court

List of full names of Judges of the County Court

Applications Forms

Please submit your request using the forms below.

Only journalists recognised by the Court are permitted to exercise the privileges of the Guidelines. Journalists who wish to be recognised for this purpose can apply using the Media Registration Form.

Journalists wishing to make application to record or film in court or for access to documents, transcripts and exhibits or to make some other application may use the Media Request Form CCV-M1.

Requests for Court statistics should be submitted via the Data Request Form found in the Court Performance page here.

All requests by journalists and /or media organisations to access court files, transcripts, tendered exhibits and decisions should be made to the Strategic Communications Manager.