The County Court of Victoria eLodgement system is an online portal for legal practitioners to electronically lodge forms and documents for appeal and criminal matters.

Most court documents must be lodged with the Court electronically. In Melbourne, eLodgement is required for any case represented by a CR-15+ or AP-16-18+ case number. In the regions, eLodgement applies to all pending cases on the County Court Circuit List. Physical documents are no longer accepted.


  • allows online document tracking
  • allows legal practitioners to lodge documents directly from their offices
  • saves time by reducing the need to attend the court registry
  • can be easily navigated and understood.

Support is available over the phone on 03 8636 6570 or by emailing criminal.registry@countycourt.vic.gov.au.

New Users

First time users need to register to use online services.

Legal practitioners are advised to read the eLodgement User Guide to assist with lodging their documents, and should review the checklist below before starting.


Before you begin the eLodgement process, please ensure:

  • You have an email address registered with the Victorian Legal Services Board.
  • You have an LSB registered email address that can be used for notifications.
  • You have chosen and completed the correct form or forms.
  • You have on hand all the forms or documents you wish to submit in an approved electronic format – files should be in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .xls or .xlsx formats and there is a size limit of 20MB on individual files.
  • Practitioners have referred to the practice note for what to file, what not to file, and how to file.

Information sessions and demonstrations

An information video is available here.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my copies of sealed documents?
Once the documents have been processed an email digitally attaching the processed documents is sent. If the documents have not been received, try checking spam or junk mail folders for the eLodgement document receipt.

What happens if a document has been lodged on the wrong file?
When a document is inadvertently lodged on the wrong file, the person who lodged the document should contact the registry for assistance as soon as possible.

Why can’t I lodge this document?
It may be that you have saved the document with special characters, or your description is too long.

Who do I contact if I am experiencing difficulties with the eLodgement process?
Please take a print screen of your issue and email it to criminal.registry@countycourt.vic.gov.au. Please include your contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Page last updated: 9 July 2019