Sexual Offences List

The Sexual Offences List manages cases involving sexual offences in the County Court. For the purpose of the Sexual Offences List, a sexual offence is defined in section 3 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2009.

The primary function of the Sexual Offences List Court is pre-trial management of all matters committed from the Magistrates’ Court after an accused pleads not guilty to a sexual offence. All matters are managed by the Sexual Offences List judges following the committal hearing through to trial. Common pre-trial management issues include funding, trial duration, resolution prospects and filing of documentation.

Other functions of the Sexual Offences List are consent bail variations, applications to adjourn pleas by consent, filing of indictments, filing of notices of discontinuance, and other applications by consent as required.

Judge in charge

Judge Higham.

Listing procedures

Matters suitable for the 9am Sexual Offences List include directions hearings and most consent hearings. Requests to list matters at 9am should be made to

Requests to list matters in the Sexual Offences List (including section 32C applications), should be made to Requests to refix matters listed at 10.30am should be made as early as possible as dates in the 10.30am list are reserved months in advance.

The Court requires that all communication between court officers and litigants or practitioners be open (disclosed to all parties to the proceeding). All communications must be copied to all parties to the proceeding.

Filing Documents

All documents for matters listed in the Sexual Offences List should be lodged via eLodgement. The Sexual Offences List will not accept documents for filing by email, except by self-represented litigants.

Self-represented litigants may email their documents to If parties are unable to meet filing deadlines, please email to Sexual Offences List at (and copy in other party).

For issues regarding eLodgement, please contact the Criminal Registry.

Please go to the videolinks page for details on arrangements for criminal matters.

Further information

Any feedback about the operation of the Sexual Offences List should be directed to the judge’s associate in charge of the list by sending an email to the judge's chambers email address. Please copy Managing Associate Hannah Christensen into the email at

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Page last updated: 16 May 2020