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The Circuit Directions List manages all matters committed to the County Court from a circuit location where the accused has pleaded not guilty, as well all contested appeals.

The Circuit Directions List hears circuit directions hearings, appeal (first listing) hearings and consent bail variations.

All circuit sexual offences matters, where an accused pleads not guilty, are listed in the Sexual Offences List for an initial directions hearing. The matter may then be listed for a circuit directions hearing, for a further directions hearing in the Sexual Offences List or for trial, however the Melbourne Circuit Team manages these matters.

The Criminal Division Practice Note outlines the content of and requirements for these hearings.

Video links

Video links for matters in the Circuit Directions List

Video links are automatically arranged between corresponding court locations and the Melbourne County Court facility for all circuit directions hearings dates. Parties may appear from Melbourne or from the corresponding circuit location for all such hearings.

If seeking to appear via video link from any other Victorian court location, parties must contact the relevant circuit registry to confirm that the video link can be accommodated. A completed application for video link (criminal or civil), and audio-visual link call set-up form must be emailed to Leave is not required.

Leave is required to appear at circuit directions hearings from a non-Victorian court or interstate location. Requests for leave must be directed to the Melbourne Circuit Team ( If leave is granted, parties are required to complete all relevant video-link paperwork and pay the appropriate fees.

Video links for circuit matters in the Sexual Offences List

Accused in custody will attend hearings in the Sexual Offences List via video link unless the Court makes an order or a party requests the accused appear in person.

Parties may appear in the Sexual Offences List by video link. They should book the video link with the location from which they will appear then contact the video link coordinator on 03 8636 6521 or via email at If a party wishes to appear from an interstate or non-standard court location, leave from a judge is required. Leave may be obtained by contacting

Filing documents

All documents for matters listed in the Circuit Directions List should be lodged via eLodgement. Documents cannot be filed via email.

Self-represented litigants should contact for all filing and other Circuit List enquiries

Parties who are unable to meet document filing deadlines must email


Circuit roster enquiries: Circuit Coordinator 03 8636 6504.

Circuit directions hearings and appeal (first listing) enquiries: * Melbourne Circuit Team * Phone: 03 8636 6404 * Email:

Circuit matters listed for a directions hearing in the Sexual Offences List contact the associates to the Sexual Offences List.

Circuit trials, and conviction and sentence appeals: * Prior to commencement of circuit: Melbourne Circuit Team * Once the circuit has commenced: relevant circuit registry.

Circuit pleas and sentence only appeals: * Listing date enquiries: relevant circuit registry. * Other enquiries: Melbourne Circuit Team.

Requests for hearings (all circuit criminal and appeal matters): * Directions hearings: Melbourne Circuit Team. * Application for change of venue: Melbourne Circuit Team. * Application for change of plea: Melbourne Circuit Team. * Consent bail variations: Melbourne Circuit Team. * Contested bail variations: General List or Sexual Offences List (depending on the nature of the matter). * Other contested applications: General List or Sexual Offences List (depending on the nature of the matter). * All other circuit listing enquiries: Melbourne Circuit Team.

eLodged documents: * Sexual Offences List matters: Melbourne Criminal Registry. * All other matters: relevant circuit registry.

Video links: * Phone 03 8636 6530 * Email:

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Page last updated: 16 September 2018