Criminal Division contacts

This page provides a list of contacts in the Criminal Division to assist you with your enquiry.

The Court is committed to service excellence. Below are a number of contacts in order to make sure you are directed to the correct area of the Criminal Division.

Head of Division

Judge Gamble

General List Judge

Judge Gamble

Sexual Offences List Judge

Judge Higham

Circuit List Judge

Judge Mullaly
Email Melbourne Circuit Team:

Senior Administrator Criminal Division

Winnie Wang

General List Court

Matters for the General List Court are heard daily at 9am and at 10.30am.

The 9am list includes directions hearings and most consent hearings. Requests to list matters at this time should be directed to

All other enquiries about the 9am General List Court should be made to, rather than emailing individual list associates.

Requests to list contested matters at 10.30am are to be emailed to

Sexual Offences List Court

Matters for the Sexual Offences List Court are heard daily at 9am and at 10.30am.

Requests to list matters in the Sexual Offences List should be directed to the associates to the Sexual Offences List.


Criminal Registry

Phone: 03 8636 6570

If your enquiry relates to the following, please click on the relevant links for more information.

Phone: 03 8636 6530

Access to court records enquiries
Phone: 03 8636 6537

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Page last updated: 30 July 2019