Request a hearing

Parties can request a directions hearing if they are unable to resolve a matter in its preliminary stages.

Applications for directions hearings should be made by email to the Common Law Registry:

The email should include the relevant form, the subject line: ‘Request for Directions Hearing’ and be copied to all parties.

You are encouraged to consult the Common Law Registry guidelines and orders before making an application.

Applications where rules require a summons

Sometimes the Court will require the issue of a summons, in the event of a summary judgement, freezing orders and interlocutory injunctions. To obtain a listing date and time for a summons, please contact the Common Law Registry and have the following information at hand:

  • The orders sought.
  • An estimate of time for the summons.
  • Any unsuitable dates to the parties.

The Common Law Registry can be contacted on 03 8636 6515.

Please note that all legal practitioners are required to e-file their summons and affidavit in support.

Applications for review of a judicial registrar’s decision

Parties may seek a review of any decision made by a judicial registrar.

Complete the relevant form and submit it within 14 days of the decision.

The application for review will be listed by the Common Law Registry at the next available date.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2021