General List

The General List is one of four lists of the Commercial Division Registry and consists of any proceeding arising from a commercial transaction, involving personal or real property, which does not relate to the Building, Banking and Finance, or Expedited lists.

The General List of the Commercial Division consists of any proceeding which:

  • generally arises out of a commercial transaction
  • involves personal or real property
  • may include a proceeding which does not fit within the definition of any other list or division.

Practice note

Practice notes guide the operation and management of matters within the Commercial Division.

Judge in Charge

Judge Woodward


Any correspondence for cases in the General List should be sent by email to the Commercial Registry:

Orders on the papers

Practitioners are encouraged to submit orders on the papers to the Commercial Registry as early as possible, prior to any hearing. This allows orders to be processed without requiring the attendance of the parties' practitioner.

Guidelines for submitting correspondence, consent orders and requests for directions hearings can be found in the directions group guidelines 2016 document.

A standard set of consent orders is available in the 2018 orders booklet – Commercial Division.

Further information

Any enquiries and feedback concerning the operation of the General List should be directed to the judge’s associate in charge of the list by sending an email to the judge's chambers email address.

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Page last updated: 21 August 2020