Expedited List

The aim of the Expedited List is to provide faster resolution of commercial matters. Proceedings are intensively case managed by a judge or judicial registrar.

The Expedited List of the Commercial Division consists of:

  • any proceeding nominated by a plaintiff on issue to be included in the list
  • cases transferred to the division upon the application of any party
  • any proceeding considered appropriate to receive an expedited hearing or be subject to more intensive case management.

Civil proceedings

Practice notes guide the operation and management of matters within the Commercial Division.


Judge Woodward


Any enquiries concerning the operation of the Expedited List should be directed to the associate to the Commercial Division judicial registrar: commercialjr.chambers@countycourt.vic.gov.au.

Orders on the papers

Practitioners are encouraged to submit orders on the papers to the associate to the judicial registrar as early as possible, prior to any hearing. This allows orders to be processed without requiring the attendance of the parties' practitioner.

A standard set of first directions hearing orders is available in the Commercial Division – orders booklet.

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Page last updated: 21 September 2020