Building Cases List

The Building Cases List is one of four lists of the Commercial Division and hears proceedings concerning agreements related to building works.

A proceeding is suitable to be managed pursuant to this Practice Note if it primarily relates to the:

  • the design or carrying out of building works;
  • supervision or inspection of building works;
  • performance by an architect, designer, engineer, quantity surveyor or other building professional of any services in relation to the design of construction or the supervision or inspection of building works;
  • manufacture or provision of any materials for inclusion in building works,

and has been entered in the Building Cases List in accordance with the Practice Note. Building works includes (without limitation) the construction, demolition or removal of a building or other structure and building work within the meaning of the Building Act 1993 (Vic).

Practice note

Practice notes guide the operation and management of matters within the Building Cases List.


Judge Woodward

Directions hearings

The judge-in-charge will generally conduct Directions Hearings and other short hearings in the Building Cases List every Friday at 9.30am.


Any correspondence for cases in the Building Cases List should be sent by email to the associates to the judge-in-charge:

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Page last updated: 12 September 2019