Going to Court?

Information on this website is provided to assist those preparing for a court hearing and members of the public who are interested in learning about the court process in the County Court.

Court proceedings are open to the public, except where a Court order is made to close a court for a period of time during a trial. All visitors to the County Court should read the Court's Security Policy before arriving at the County Court Facility.


Information for practitioners is located under the main tabs on the home page: Civil Jurisdiction, Criminal Jurisdiction and, Listings and  Registry. 

The Chief Judge has made a determination under section 88 of the County Court Act 1958 that wigs will no longer form part of the attire of judges sitting in the civil jurisdiction of the Court as from 1 September 2007. It follows that counsel appearing before the Court in civil matters will not be expected to wear a wig.

Self-Represented Litigants

If you are representing yourself in court, the sections Are you representing yourself? and Vexatious Proceedings contain useful information about preparing and filing documents for your hearing; court procedure and organisations that offer legal advice and personal support in managing your court appearance. Mediation is encouraged in the great majority of cases and may be ordered, without the consent of the parties, at the first directions hearings. 

County Koori Court

Information for accused and practitioners is available on the County Koori Court page. 

Teachers and Students

If you are a teacher or student wanting to arrange a visit to the court or a judge to visit your school, please read information on our schools page.


For journalists, information on how to access court documents is covered on the media page.


The Court's Access to Court Records Policy guide provides information for those undertaking academic or commercial research on how to apply for access to court documents. Further information is available in the Community section of this website.


Information for prospective jurors is available on the Juries page of Courts & Tribunals website.