General List

Practice Note

Practitioners are referred to the information set out on the Commercial Division home page.

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Operation and Management of the General List

The General List is established under Order 34A.06(1)(a) of the Rules of Court.

Order 34A.06(2) of the Rules of Court provides that the General List of the Commercial Division:

a) shall consist of any proceeding which - 

(i) generally arises out of a commercial transaction; or

(ii) involves personal or real property; and

b) may include a proceeding which does not fit within the definition of any other List or Division.

Judges in Charge and contact details

Judge Kennedy is the Head of the Commercial Division and the Judge in Charge of the General List. When Judge Kennedy is absent, Judge Cosgrave assumes these responsibilities.

Circuit Proceedings

The Judge in Charge of the General List of the Commercial Division also manages all circuit proceedings for this List.