Expedited Cases List

Practice Note

The Practice Note PNCO-2-2015 can be found here and sets out the procedures to be followed in the Expedited Cases List.

Operation and Management of the Expedited Cases List 

The Expedited Cases List is established under Order 34A.06(1)(b) of the Rules of Court. It is a Judge-controlled list in which proceedings are intensively case managed by way of regular directions hearings fixing expeditious interlocutory and trial timetables. The aim of the list is the prompt resolution of commercial matters.

Order 34A.06(3) of the Rules of Court provides that the Expedited Cases List shall consist of -

(a) any proceeding nominated by a plaintiff at the time of the issue of the proceeding to be included in the List or

(b) cases transferred to the Division upon the application of any party

where it is appropriate that the proceeding receive an expedited hearing or be subject to more intensive case management.

Judges in Charge and contact details

Her Honour Judge Kennedy has been appointed judge in charge of the Expedited Cases List of the Court's Commercial Division.

When Judge Kennedy is absent, Judge Cosgrave assumes this responsibility.

Contacts – Judicial

Orders on the Papers and Standard First Directions Hearing Orders

Practitioners are encouraged to submit orders on the papers to the Associate to the Judical Registars as early as possible prior to the directions hearing date so that the orders may be processed without requiring the attendance of the parties' practitioners. A standard set of First Directions Hearing Orders is available. The standard short form mediation order is to understood as generally encompassing the Standard Mediation Procedures.

Enquiries and Feedback

Any enquiries about the operation of the Expedited Cases List should be directed to the Associate to the Judge in Charge of the List.

Any feedback about the operation of the List will be welcomed.