Defamation List

Practice Note

The Practice Note PNCL 1-2016 deals with the operation of the Common Law Division.

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  • Defamation List
  • Serious Injury Applications List

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Operation and Management of the Defamation List

The Defamation List of the Common Law Division is established under Order 34A.04(1)(b) of the County Court Rules in Civil Proceedings 1999.

The Defamation List consists of any proceeding commenced by writ that includes a claim for defamation.

Judges-in-charge and contact details

Judge Smith is Judge-in-Charge of the Defamation List.

Circuit proceedings

The Judge in charge of the Defamation List of the Common Law Division also manages all circuit proceedings for this List.

Enquiries and Feedback

Any enquiries about the operation of the Defamation List should be directed to the Associate to the Judge-in-Charge.

Any feedback about the operation of the List will be welcomed.