DPP v Mauldon [2017] VCC 463

Sentence summary: Armed robbery

The offender and his co-offender confronted the victim, the victim’s wife their 13-year-old daughter in the garage of their home after following their luxury vehicle from a shopping centre. The offender pointed a shotgun at the victim’s chest, threatened to shoot him, and demanded his keys, wallet and credit cards. Before leaving with the victim’s car, he made threats against the victim’s daughter, warning her against reporting it to police. He later attempted unsuccessfully to withdraw money using the credit cards at an ATM.

Six weeks later the offender forced his way into another home with other co-offenders, ransacking the house and using an angle grinder to open a gun safe. A number of power tools, hunting items, electronic equipment, eleven firearms and ammunition, and other items were stolen.

The offender pleaded guilty to a number of charges related to the conduct, including armed robbery, attempted theft and burglary.

The judge found that the offender’s targeting of a luxury car, entering of a private home and the making of threats to the daughter was terrifying conduct that represented a particularly serious example of the offence of armed robbery. The careful planning on both occasions also added to the weight of the offending.

The judge noted the offender’s prior criminal record and the escalating gravity of his offending. He said the offender’s early plea should be taken into account in reducing the sentence imposed, however he doubted whether it showed a significant level of remorse for his conduct. The offender’s exposure to family violence in childhood was noted, along with his offending being clearly associated with the use of illicit drugs, particularly methamphetamine.

The offender was sentenced to seven years and nine months’ imprisonment, with a non-parole period of five years and nine months.

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Page last updated: 26 August 2018