DPP v Kabba [2016] VCC 1760

Sentence summary: Trafficking (commercial quantity)

Police found 815 grams of very pure methylamphetamine hidden under a fake floor in the offender’s kitchen. They also found cartridge ammunition and a small amount of cannabis in the house. The offender said he was keeping the methylamphetamine for a friend who had promised to pay him $10,000 for doing so.

The offender pleaded guilty to charges of trafficking in a commercial quantity of a drug of dependence, methlyamphetamine and possession of a drug of dependence, cannabis and possession of cartridge ammunition.

The judge took into account the offender’s troubled childhood marked by domestic violence, exposure to war and displacement as a refugee. The judge accepted that the offender suffered from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. She took the offender’s early guilty plea as a genuine sign of remorse.

The judge accepted that the offender’s role in the trafficking offence was limited but that the volume of the drug was a serious aggravating feature. She emphasised the important role that sentencing played in deterring others from similar criminal activity, especially where there was a financial reward.

On the charge of trafficking in a commercial quantity of methlyampehtamine, the offender was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment to be followed by a two-year Community Corrections Order.

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Page last updated: 26 August 2018