Summary of cases

To help you to understand the way we deliver justice, we have summarised a selection of sentencing decisions under common offence categories.

The County Court is Victoria's principal trial court. The court hears the great majority of indictable crimes, such as serious drug offences, sex offences, violent offences, driving offences and fraud and dishonesty offences.

Most sentencing decisions are published in full. The summaries below seek to quickly outline the often complex issues that go into sentencing. They are here to provide a window into the Court, providing insight into the types of matters our Judges deal with and the range of sentences imposed.

Links to the full sentence are included beside each summary. Depending on the popularity and usefulness of this section of the website, the court may begin publishing summaries more frequently.

The summaries outline the facts of each case and the reasoning behind our judges' sentencing decisions in offence categories of:

  • armed robbery
  • aggravated burglary
  • culpable driving
  • deception
  • intentionally causing injury
  • intentionally causing serious injury
  • rape
  • trafficking (commercial quantity)
  • trafficking (large commercial quantity).

Aggravated burglary

Armed robbery

Culpable driving


Intentionally causing injury

Intentionally causing serious injury


Trafficking (commercial quantity)

Trafficking (large commercial quantity)

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Page last updated: 18 September 2019