DPP v Cameron [2019] VCC 689

Sentence summary: Rape

A serious sex offender was jailed for raping a disabled woman for up to four hours and touching himself sexually while watching special needs children.

The elderly man, 68 and with an extensive history of sexual crime convictions at the time of the offending, was jailed for 12 years and six months with a non-parole period of nine years and six months.

A jury found the offender guilty on two charges of rape and three charges of sexual assault.

He also pleaded guilty to one charge of loitering by a sex offender.

The Court heard the offender waited at a bus stop in Geelong and convinced a 41-year-old disabled woman to get into his car.

The offender forced himself onto the victim, with down syndrome, kissing her and touching her breasts and vagina.

He then drove home and raped the victim.

The victim was driven back to the bus stop after the offending and the alarm was raised by the victim's carers.

The presiding judge said aggravating factors included the vulnerability of the victim and the fact he had been convicted for nearly identical crimes in 2006.

The offender denied the allegations throughout the entire trial.

The Court heard through the victim's carer how the victim's behaviour changed significantly due to the offending, wanting to lock all doors and refusing to take public transport as a result.

In sentencing the offender, the judge said the offender had a “penchant” for inappropriate acts with "people of intellectual disabilities" but could not add that as an aggravating factor due to a lack of psychological evidence.

"Clearly there is some aberrant passion held by the offender that excites him about disabled people," the judge said.

Four months before the rape and sexual assault offences took place, dashcam footage obtained by police showed the offender touching himself sexually while in his car in May 2016, watching children from a Geelong special needs school playing near a park.

"It's lucky one of those children didn’t wander off," the judge said.

The judge expressed "grave doubt" about the offender's hopes of rehabilitation and said there were genuine fears he would commit further offences if returned to the community.

Note: Aidan Cameron is a pseudonym.

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