DPP v Reid [2019] VCC 1362

Sentence summary: Culpable driving

A killer driver who filmed himself high on drugs while behind the wheel shortly before hitting an off duty police officer was jailed for 10 years.

Jesse Reid, 23, pleaded guilty to two charges of engaging in conduct endangering life and one charge of culpable driving causing death.

The offender was sentenced to 10 years jail with a non-parole period of seven years after he struck and killed 59-year-old Victor Kostiuk.

Toxicology reports showed the offender was under the influence of methylamphetamine and alcohol at the time of the crash.

It was accepted that the offender had been travelling up to 200km/h while on the way to Melbourne from Merimbula for the birth of his son with a 16-year-old friend.

In the seconds following the crash, the offender threatened the victim’s son, who was attempting to perform CPR on his father and dial 000.

The victim’s son, who was also an active police officer, said in a victim impact statement that he relives the incident every day and is yet to return to work.

Several witnesses said they saw the offender driving recklessly in the lead up to the crash, with many claiming the car had driven on the wrong side of the road at high speeds.

Five videos taken on a mobile phone showed both the offender and his friend, AB, driving recklessly up to an hour before the crash.

The incident took place on the Princes Highway about 2.15pm on 13 September 2017.

The victim and his son had been taking part in the Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride, a charitable event to remember and honour fallen colleagues in the lead up to National Police Remembrance Day.

The presiding judge described the offending as “entirely irresponsible and self-indulgent”.

“Your attitude which is apparent on the videos of your driving while your friend is encouraging you to go faster, further demonstrates your complete lack of regard to who may be at risk as a result of your conduct,” the judge said.

The court heard the offender’s early guilty plea and young age were mitigating factors.

The offender also had his license suspended for seven years.

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