Civil Directions Group (Commercial and Common Law Registries)


The Civil Directions Group manages cases listed for;

  • administrative mention,
  • trials or
  • any other interlocutory steps within the Civil Lists listed below.

The Civil Directions Group also process 'consent orders on the papers' for the Judges in charge of these Lists.

The legally qualified directions administrators provide authoritative procedural advice on the civil litigation process whilst acting as liaison between the Judiciary, the legal profession and court users.



The County Court of Victoria aims to continuously improve its services for all Court users.

Recent changes to the Civil Registry have lead to the disbanding of the Directions Group into the newly created Commercial and Common Law Registries. 

As such, parties are advised to direct all future correspondence to the following respective email addresses, also noting changes to telephone numbers - 

Common Law Registry

Commercial Registry

Please note that the Directions Group Guidelines as well as all Practice Notes are still applicable, and updated versions of this documentation, reflecting the changes above, will be available in due course.


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  • To find your orders


See the Directions Group Guidelines 2016 for guidelines for submitting correspondence and consent orders, and guidelines for requests for directions hearings.

Request for Directions Hearing Form - Commercial Division

Request for Directions Hearing Form - Common Law Division


2018 Orders booklet - Commercial Division

2018 Orders booklet - Common Law Division

Parties requiring authentication of Directions Orders are referred to Order 60A of the County Court Civil Procedure Rules 2008.

Sample orders

Other Relevant Guidelines

If you intend to represent yourself in Court, please refer to the section Are You Representing Yourself?