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If you want to obtain copies of decisions, view court files or examine any other information held at the Court, this page will assist you.

Almost all court hearings are held in open court. You are welcome to attend court to observe matters as they are being considered.

The Access to Court Records and Information Policy details the options to access court information.

Accessing court files

Suppression orders

Some court files and documents have suppression orders made against them by a judge. Court files or documents that are subject to a suppression order can only be released by order of a judge.

Criminal and appeal matters

At any stage during a matter, both parties and non-parties to criminal and appeal matters may request access to documents contained on the court file.

Criminal and appeal files often include protected and confidential material. All requests to access court records are determined by a judge, and may be refused or approved only in part. The judge assessing the application takes into account your purpose for seeking the information and the way in which you intend to use it.

You can seek permission to search a criminal or appeal file by completing the Access to Court Records Request Form: Criminal and Appeal Cases.

Return the completed form by email to

Please note that these includes matters in the Appeal and Post Sentence Applications List.

Accessing civil files

At any stage during a matter, both parties and non-parties to common law and commercial matters may request access to a civil court file.

A search fee is required to be paid prior to inspecting the file.

You can search a civil court file by completing the Access to Court Records Request Form: Commercial and Common Law Cases.

If you want to search accident/workers compensation act case file records complete the Access to Court Records Request Form: Accident Compensation Tribunal Cases.

Return the completed form and fee payable to the Court Registry.

If you want to search a file in the Confiscation List please complete the Access to Court Records Request Form: Confiscation List Cases.

Return the completed form by email to

Accessing written court decisions

The County Court publishes sentencing remarks, judgments and rulings on Austlii and Jade. Decisions are published at the discretion of the presiding judge.

Legislation, suppression orders or other restrictions may mean that some sentences, or parts of them, cannot be published.

If you wish to access an unpublished decision, please email and include the name of the decision and why you need to access it.

Court transcripts

Criminal Division

Criminal Division matters are transcribed by the Victorian Government Reporting Service (VGRS). Visit the VGRS website to find out how to request a copy of a transcript.

Obtaining an audio recording of a civil case

The County Court does not hold transcripts for Common Law and Commercial Division matters.

If you are a party to a civil proceeding and are considering to appeal a decision, you can make a request by email or in writing to the Associate to the Presiding Judge for a copy of the audio recording of the proceeding.

The request must be made within 14 days of the date of the judgment or order against which an appeal is being considered. Your request will need to contain an undertaking that that the recording will be used solely for the purpose of considering an appeal.

The judge has discretion to allow or deny the request.

Subpoenaed records

In both common law and commercial cases, access to subpoenaed records is only available to solicitors for parties to the proceeding. Access depends on the type of subpoena used. More information is available about subpoenas here.

Academic research

If you would like court assistance with academic research email please contact the Publications Officer on

Data requests

To request data from the County Court, please complete the CCV Data Request Form and return it by email to


For media enquires please refer to the media guide.

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Page last updated: 1 August 2019