Are You Representing Yourself?

Judges have developed rules for civil and criminal proceedings, however, most self-represented litigants appear in the Court’s civil jurisdiction.

The rules describe the administrative procedures (what you need to do and by when) in order for your matter to be listed (scheduled) for a court date. The Court's guide for self-represented ligitants includes information about preparing for court, filing documents and court procedure.

The Rules are available on the Victorian Government Legislation website.

If you are representing yourself and require information around timeframes, court fees and the requirements of the County Court Rules in order to complete documents please contact the Self Represented Litigant Case Managers on 8636 6528  or email  to make an appointment.

Please note: The Self Represented Litigant Case Managers cannot give legal advice.

Self Represented Litigants Film

  • This short film is designed to assist people who wish to launch a civil proceeding in the Court and do not have legal representation. It takes litigants on a step by step guide to each major step in a civil proceeding.

It is advised that if your case is a criminal matter, you should seek legal representation.

A Guide for Self-Represented Litigants in the Civil Jurisdiction of the County Court

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