Civil Directions Group


The Civil Directions Group manages cases listed for;

  • administrative mention,
  • trials or
  • any other interlocutory steps within the Civil Lists listed below.

The Civil Directions Group also process 'consent orders on the papers' for the Judges in charge of these Lists.

The legally qualified directions administrators provide authoritative procedural advice on the civil litigation process whilst acting as liaison between the Judiciary, the legal profession and court users.

Length of time it is currently taking to process orders: 3 weeks


Correspondence for the Directions Group should only be sent by email (

Self represented litigants may correspond with the Civil Directions Group via Email, Mail or Fax.


Save time by checking on Court Connect:
  • To see if your correspondence has been received
  • To see if a court date has been vacated or listed
  • To find your orders


See the Directions Group Guidelines 2016 for guidelines for submitting correspondence and consent orders, and guidelines for requests for directions hearings.


Please click on the following link to download a copy of the Directions Group Orders 2016.doc for all the standard orders.

Parties requiring authentication of Directions Orders are referred to Order 60A of the County Court Civil Procedure Rules 2008.

Sample orders

Other Relevant Guidelines

If you intend to represent yourself in Court, please refer to the section Are You Representing Yourself?